The Theresienstadt Centre for Genocide Studies  (until 2017 „Archaeology of Evil Research Centre“, hereinafter „the Centre“) is an independent, multidisciplinary and non-profit organization that seeks to promote research and teaching about the causes, origins and consequences of genocides, genocidal violence, ethnic cleansing and mass murdering in the world history.


The Centre is highly experienced in the introduction of Genocide Studies discipline in the Czech Republic. Through the organization of international conferences, pedagogic workshops, specialized seminars, public lectures and other types of disseminating activities (including media presentation), the Centre became the networking and information point in the Czech Republic for understanding of the phenomenon of genocide.

The Centre helps equip citizens with the tools to understand how, when and why genocide has occurred, and how its future occurrence can be recognized and halted through political activity.

Therefore, the task of the Centre is to educate teachers, community leaders, religious leaders, government bureaucrats, diplomats and others to be able to identify the early warning signs which can lead to genocidal violence.


Mountains of Moses


The Centre began its activities in the field of genocide studies with the organization of the academic conference „Mountains of Moses: Revolt, Resistance and Rescue of Victims of Mass Extermination in the 20th Century“.

Hosted by the Protestant Theological Faculty of the Charles University in Prague in June 2012, the conference introduced the methods and contemporary trends in genocide studies and featured academic papers given by internationally recognized experts in genocide research from United States, China, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Poland. It received considerable media attention in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The name of the conference (Mountains of Moses) referred to the revolt during the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire (according to the place where the resistance took place, the Mountain of Moses, Musa Dagh).

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Lustig Train


From 2012, the Centre participated at the Lustig Train project, a unique theatre production based on the dramatization on Arnošt Lustig’s novel “A Prayer for Katerina Horovitz”. This production was exceptional in that it is travelling on railways. The special train docked at the main stations of all the 14 regional capitals in the Czech Republic, two cities in Poland (Krakow and Auschwitz) and 6 cities in Slovakia. There were more than 10 000 spectators in total coming to visit the train.

The Centre conducted the education program which was focused on specific cases of genocidal violence (Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, Rwandan genocide) and different aspects of genocidal behavior (legal, psychological and religious).

Teaching Activities


Among the other activities, the Centre organized lectures at Czech universities (Prague and Brno), in the Parliament of the Czech Republic, special teaching program for history teachers and three film festivals regarding historical genocides for elementary schools and wide public.

In 2015, the Centre initiated the university course “Genocide Studies and Massive Violence” – the first of its kind at Charles University, the Czech Republic and in Central and Eastern Europe. It was a unique and flexible course available to both undergraduate students and MA candidates from a variety of disciplines, including history, political science, religious studies, theology, cultural anthropology, sociology, philosophy or law. Students have obtained knowledge about the causes and motivations for genocide and some of the most important cases of genocide and massive violence which have impacted the world today. The course has been taught by international scholars from 4 countries, including Sweden, Austria, Armenia and the Czech Republic. More than 30 students have successfully completed the course.

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Course lectures available at YouTube channel „Genocide Studies



Interactive interview with Paul A. Levine in Czech TV  (available in English)




Video from the Czech Parliament, October 2012

Staff and people

The preparation and implementation of the Centre’s activities is covered by internationally recognized and respected experts in the field of political science, psychology, sociology, legal science, history, pedagogy, economics, archival science and journalism.

Dr. Paul A. Levine – leading research a pedagogic consultant

For over 20 years, Dr. Levine has lectured on Raoul Wallenberg, Sweden and the Holocaust, and Holocaust memory and pedagogy in North America, Israel, and most widely throughout Europe to both academic and public audiences.

Levine has published extensively on various aspects of Holocaust history, memory, and pedagogy related to teaching Holocaust history and genocide. His most recent publication is a major study of Raoul Wallenberg, entitled “Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest; Myth, History and Holocaust”, published originally in 2010 (London).

He is co-author of „Tell ye your Children, a book about the Holocaust in Europe, 1933- 1945”, which has now been distributed or purchased in almost two million copies in Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Finland, France, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, and Japan.

Mgr. Simon Krbec – Managing Director

Simon Krbec has 15 years of experience as evaluator, consultant and project manager in sectors such as research, HRD, education, equal opportunities and civil society sector.

Krbec is highly experienced in monitoring and controlling procedures, financial monitoring, both qualitative and quantitative methods of project evaluation, logical framework planning and stakeholder analysis. He worked for several institutions such as European Commission, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, Charles University in Prague, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and regional institutions in Central Europe.

He holds MA degree in theology and philosophy. Krbec is responsible for the development and implementation of all activities of the Centre, including the education programs, public media presentation, networking and international cooperation.



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